Directory of Manufacturers and Brand Families Compliant with
33 V.S.A. Chapter 19, Subchapters 1A and 1B



Last Updated April 2, 2013




The manufacturers and brands listed in this directory are in compliance with all applicable Vermont laws pursuant to 33 V.S.A. Chapter 19, Subchapters 1A and 1B.

Cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco not listed below may not be stamped or sold or offered for sale in Vermont. Moreover, effective May 1, 2006, cigarettes, in order to be legal for sale in Vermont, must also be certified as “fire-safe” pursuant to 20 V.S.A. §2757. All cigarettes that are compliant with (a) 33 V.S.A. Chapter 19, Subchapters 1A and 1B, and (b) the fire-safe requirements of 20 V.S.A. §2757 are listed in a Combined Listing, “Cigarette Brands Certified as Fire-Safe and Legal for Sale in Vermont, Approved Package Markings, and RYO Brands Legal for Sale in Vermont.”  This Combined Listing is available on the Attorney General’s website, and can be accessed through the website of the Department of Public Safety.  The Combined Listing also includes, for convenience, the brands of roll-your-own tobacco that appear on this Directory and are therefore legal for sale in Vermont.

All cigarette and roll-your-own tobacco that can legally be sold, offered for sale, or possessed for sale in Vermont are included on the Combined Listing. 

Any cigarettes or roll your own tobacco not on the combined listing is considered contraband and is subject to seizure and destruction under 7 V.S.A. §1009.  Sale or attempted sale of products not listed on the combined listing may also be punishable by license revocation and/or imposition of civil and criminal penalty.

This Directory and the combined listing will be updated on a regular basis. Anyone wishing to receive notice of changes in the Directory or combined listing by email can join the listserv Tobacco Directory Notification by sending an email to with "subscribe" in the body of the email (not in the subject line). If you cannot receive email but want to receive monthly notification please call (802) 828-5479.




Commonwealth Brands, Inc. Japan Tobacco International U.S.A. Inc. King Maker Marketing Inc. Liggett Group Inc.
Lignum-2  Inc. Lorillard Tobacco Co. Lane Limited National Tobacco Company, LP
Peter Stokkebye Tobaksfabrik A/S Phillip Morris USA Inc. Premier Manufacturing Inc. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.
Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co. Inc. Shermans 1400 B’way NYC Ltd. Smokin Joes Tabacalera  del Este, S.A. (TABESA)
Top Tobacco, L.P. Truth and Liberty Manufacturing Co. U.S. Flue-Cured Tobacco Growers, Inc. Vector Tobacco Inc.
Wind River Tobacco Company LLC      



* Non-participating Manufacturers that do not participate in the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement are identified as "NPM's" below.


Commonwealth Brands, Inc.

            Bali Shag RYO

            Crowns (family)

            Davidoff (family)

            Fortuna (family)         

            Gitanes (family)

            Gauloises (family)

            Malibu (family)

            McClintock RYO

            Montclair (family)

            Premier RYO

            Raven (family)

            Riviera (family)

            Smoker Friendly (family)

            Sonoma (family)

            Tuscany (family)

            USA Gold (family)

            West (family)





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Japan Tobacco International U.S.A. Inc.

            Export A (family)

            Wave (family)





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King Maker Marketing Inc.
            Ace (family)
            Checkers (family)
            Gold Crest (family)
            Hi-Val (family)
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Lane Limited

            Bugler RYO

            Golden Virginia RYO

            Jester RYO

            Kite RYO

            Midnight Special RYO

            Roll Rich RYO

            RYO Fine Cut RYO

            Samson RYO


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Liggett Group Inc.

            Eve (family)

            Grand Prix (family)

            Liggett Select (family)

            Montego (family)

            Pyramid (family)


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Lignum-2  Inc.

            Rave (family)

            Rave RYO




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Lorillard Tobacco Co.

            Kent (family)

            Maverick (family)

            Newport (family)

            Old Gold (family)

            True (family)








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National Tobacco Company, LP
  Zig Zag RYO



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Peter Stokkebye Tobaksfabrik A/S

            Amsterdam Shag RYO

            Danish Export RYO

            London Export RYO

            Norwegian Shag RYO

            Stockholm Blend RYO

            Turkish Export RYO

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Philip Morris USA Inc.
  Alpine (family)*
  Basic (family)
            Benson & Hedges (family)
  Bristol (family)*
            Cambridge (family)
            Chesterfield (family)
            Commander (family)
            English Ovals
  L & M (family)
            Lark (family)
            Marlboro (family)
            Merit (family)
            Parliament (family)
            Player’s (family)
            Saratoga (family)
            Virginia Slims (family)


* Alpine and  Bristol brand families are not legal for sale in Vermont pursuant to 20 V.S.A. § 2757


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Premier Manufacturing Inc.

            1st Class (family)

            Shield (family)

            Wildhorse (family)

            Ultra Buy (family)







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R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

            Camel (family)
  Camel Wides (family)
            Capri (family)
            Carlton (family)
            Doral (family)
  Dunhill (family)
  Dunhill International (family)
            Eclipse (family)
  GPC (family)
  Kamel Red (family)
            Kool (family)
            Lucky Strike (family)
  Misty (family)
            Monarch (family)
  More 120 (family)
            Now (family)
  Pall Mall (family)
            Salem (family)
  State Express 555 (family)
  Tareyton (family)
            Vantage (family)
            Winston (family)



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Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co. Inc.
            Natural American Spirit (family)
            Natural American Spirit RYO



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Shermans 1400 B’way NYC Ltd.
  Black and Gold
            Cigarettellos (family)
            Classic (family)
            Fantasia (family)
            Havana Ovals (family)
  Hint Menthol (family)
  MCD (family)
  Naturals (family)
            New York Cut (family)




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Smokin Joes (New York USA)

            Smokin Joes Natural (family)

            Smokin Joes RYO





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Tabacalera del Este, S.A. (TABESA)
            Palermo (family)

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Top Tobacco, L.P.

            Bo Browning RYO

            Classic Canadian RYO

            Drum RYO

            Gambler RYO

            Our Advertiser RYO

            Top RYO

            Van Nelle (RYO)







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Truth and Liberty Manufacturing Co.

American Harvest RYO

Fresh Choice RYO





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U.S. Flue-Cured Tobacco Growers, Inc.
1839 (family)
          Kentucky Select RYO
          1839 -- RYO
Traffic (family)
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Vector Tobacco Inc.
  “Eagle 20’s” (family)
            USA (family)
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Wind River Tobacco Company LLC

            American Bison RYO

            Canoe RYO

            Custom Blends RYO

            Nashville RYO

            Teton RYO





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