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Know my rights as a citizen to attend public meetings?

February 23, 2012 - Generally all meetings of public bodies in Vermont must be open to the public unless there is a specific provision in the law that allows a meeting, or a portion of a meeting, to be closed to the public. For purposes of the Open Meeting Law, "public body" means any board, council, or commission of any state agency, authority of or instrumentality of the state or of a subdivision of the state. In limited circumstances public bodies can vote to go into executive session and exclude the public from the executive session. The following are among the subjects that may properly be considered in executive session: the appointment or evaluation of public officials, negotiation of real estate purchases, the consideration of records or documents that are not available to the public.

The Open Meeting Law is found at 1 V.S.A. Sections 310 through 314. The Secretary of State’s Office has "A Short Guide to Vermont’s Open Meeting Law" available on the Internet at the Secretary of State’s Home Page.

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