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Land Use

  • On March 15, 2010, the United States Department of Transportation announced a new Policy Statement on Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodation Regulations and Recommendations. See Federal Highway Administration website at:
    This recent report, Using Active Living Principals to Promote Physical Activity in Rural Communities, describes programs to increase rural residents’ physical activity through community design, public policies, and communications strategies. There’s a section on the Upper Valley of VT/NH starting at p. 26. Active Living by Design is a program of the University of North Carolina; for more information see their website:
  • Portion of California Health Policy Forum 2006 showing how land-use practices can reduce health disparities among different populations.
    Website of walkable communities. Healthy Development Checklist
    Website for Canadian mountain biking education program for boys & girls. It uses donated bikes,and emphasizes safety, skills, maintenance, and repair.
    Website of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership (SRTSNP) collects academic literature about promotion of physical activity, including walking to and from school, and strategy and policy recommendations to foster increased activity.
  • Leadership for Healthy Communities -
    National program working towards government policies to improve access to affordable and healthy foods, increase opportunities for safe physical activity, and improve the social environments of children.
  • Active Living Research -
    Research program building the science base on the links between environments, policies, and active living for children and their families.
  • Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition: Food Systems and Public Health: Linkages to Achieve Healthier Diets and Healthier Communities in Volume 4, Issues 3 & 4 The special issue is co-edited by Mary Story, PhD, RD, of the University of Minnesota, Michael Hamm, PhD, of Michigan State University, and David Wallinga, MD, of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. It identifies research opportunities to develop successful interventions within agriculture, food, and health systems as well as policies and actions for moving towards and achieving community environments that allow healthier diets and reduced obesity.
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