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MPHJ Litigation

On May 8, 2013, the Vermont Attorney General filed suit under the Consumer Protection Act against MPHJ Technology Investments, Inc. MPHJ sent letters to many Vermont businesses and non-profits (including two non-profits that assist developmentally disabled Vermonters) through forty shell companies for which MPHJ was the sole owner. The letters sent to these businesses claim a patent on scanning documents and sending them from the scanner to a computer through a network. The targeted businesses were asked to pay licensing fees and threatened with litigation.

Vermont contends that the letters sent by MPHJ’s shell companies were unfair and deceptive in violation of the Consumer Protection Act. The State’s lawsuit seeks an injunction, civil penalties, and restitution.

After the Attorney General filed the lawsuit in state court, MPHJ removed it to federal court. The Attorney General has asked the federal court to return the case to state court. MPHJ has asked that the case be dismissed.

Below are the major filings in the case to date:

MPHJ - Complaint

MPHJ - Complaint Exhibits

MPHJ Notice of Removal

MPHJ – State Motion to Remand
Memorandum for Motion to Remand
MPHJ – Defendant Opposition to Remand

Ex. A
Ex. B
Ex. C
Ex. D
Ex. E
Ex. F
Ex. G
Ex. H
Ex. I
Ex. J
Ex. K
Ex. L
Declaration of J Mac Rust Motion to Remand

MPHJ – State Reply in Support of Motion to Remand

MPHJ – Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss

MPHJ – Declaration of J Mac Rust in Support of Motion to Dismiss

MPHJ – State’s Motion to Stay
MPHJ – Defendant’s Opposition to Motion to Stay
MPHJ – State’s Opposition to Motion to Dismiss

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