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Issue: Polygraph Testing in the Workplace - Vermont Polygraph Protection Act

Vermont law prohibits employers from requesting or requiring as a condition of employment, promotion or change in status of employment, or as a privilege or benefit of employment, that an employee or applicant to submit to a polygraph examination.

There are some limited exceptions contained in the law. They are:

  • law enforcement officers;
  • employers whose primary business is wholesale or retail precious metals of gems;
  • employers whose business includes the manufacture or retail of regulated drugs applying only to those employees who come into contact with the regulated drugs;
  • employer authorized or required under federal law or regulation.

How do I:

  • File a polygraph testing complaint against a private employer? NOTE: Be sure you have Adobe Reader version 9 or higher. Older versions of Adobe Reader do not work with this form. Click here to access the Adobe website.
  • Learn more about the Attorney General's Civil Rights Unit Investigative Process?


Polygraph Protection Act, 21 V.S.A. ยง494.

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