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Post-Decision Filings

  • Entergy's Notice of Cross-Appeal
  • Entergy's Motion for Injunction Pending Appeal
  • Entergy's Motion for Relief from Judgment
  • Entergy’s Letter to District Court
  • State’s Response to Entergy’s Letter to District Court
  • Entergy’s Reply in Support of Letter to District Court
  • State's Opposition to Entergy's Post-Decision Motions

    Exhibit 1
    Exhibit 2
    Exhibit 3

  • Entergy's Reply in Support of Post-Decision Motions

    Exhibit A
    Exhibit B
    Exhibit C

  • State's Stipulated Motion For Judicial Notice Of Two Documents From Vermont Public Service Board

    Exhibit A
    Exhibit B

  • Entergy's Motion for Status Conference
  • District Court's Ruling on Entergy's Motion for Injunction Pending Appeal
  • Entergy’s Motion for Injunction against New England Coalition
  • NEC Response to Entergy's Motion For Injunction
  • Entergy's Reply to NEC filing
  • Entergy's Motion for Leave to File Vermont Supreme Court Order
  • State's Opposition to Entergy's Motion for Injunction
  • District Court's Order Denying Entergy's Motion for Injunction Against NEC
  • Entergy's Fees Memo
  • State's Fees Memo

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