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2013 Table of Health Care Professionals with active Vermont licenses

The below table of health care professionals with active Vermont licensees as of January 2013 is organized by last name. The first and last names are according to the website from which the Vermont Attorney General’s Office obtained the information. For some individuals there is no differentiation between first and last name, so you many need to check both in the “Last Name” field to verify that a licensee is not on the table.

The license numbers of all Vermont health care providers is in the form xxx-xxxxxxx. The three digit prefix indicates the type of license held. The following license types are in the attached table of HCPs with active Vermont licenses.

Prefix/Type of Prescriber

015 Dental Hygienist
016 Dentist
025 Licensed Practical Nurse
026 Registered Nurse
030 Optometrist
031 Osteopathic Physician - Limited
032 Osteopathic Physician
033 Pharmacist
042 Physician
047 Psychologist - Master
048 Psychologist - Doctorate
049 Nuclear Medicine Technologist
055 Physician Assistant
056 Podiatrist
060 Physician - Limited Temporary Permit
063 Hearing Aid Dispenser
074 Dietitian
075 Licensed Nursing Assistant
089 Clinical Social Worker
101 RN with Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Endorsement
121 Pharmacy Technician

The following downloads are in Excel format.

Table of active licensees as of December 1, 2013

If you never distribute permitted gifts or allowable expenditures to certain categories of health care providers, you can cut those with whom you never have contact out of the table by using the first three digits of their license numbers.

If you do not find a recipient’s name in the table, check the websites below.

License numbers for physicians, physician assistants, radiologist assistants, anesthesiologist assistants, podiatrists, and physicians who hold limited temporary permits may be found at:

State license numbers for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses; Dentists; Dental Assistants; Dental Hygienists; Hearing Aid Dispensers; Licensed Nurses Aids; Licensed Practical Nurses; Naturopathic Physicians; Nuclear Medicine Technologists; Nursing Home Administrators; Opticians; Optometrists; Osteopathic Physicians; Pharmacists; Psychologists; Radiation Therapist; Radiologic Technicians; Registered Nurses, and others who may be authorized to dispense or recommend prescribed products for humans may be found at:

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