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Attorney General's Office Warns about Fraudulent Advertising Scam

CONTACT: Consumer Assistance Program, , (800) 649-2424

May 14, 2013

The Vermont Attorney General’s Office has received multiple recent reports from Vermont businesses about a false advertising scam. The scam company hires sales people to sell ads to area businesses based on the fraudulent claim that the ad cost will support the local school’s drug prevention program or other support program. The school has not authorized this ad, the sales person may not be paid, and the profits from the ad sales go right to the scammers.

Student Relations, Inc. and American Youth Group, Inc. are two of the company names being used. The two companies appear to be run by the same people acting out of Florida. They may also be using other names. The companies place the ads on a folder or brochure with the school’s logo and represent that it will be used by the school to provide student materials.

Businesses in the Morrisville area, Middlebury and Montpelier have recently been targeted.

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