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Milton Salvage Yard Enters Into Stipulated Preliminary Injunction With Attorney General

CONTACT: Jeanne Elias, Assistant Attorney General, (802) 828-3193

August 6, 2007 - Vermont Attorney General William H. Sorrell announced today that Gilbert and Blanche Rhoades entered into a stipulation for an Order imposing a Preliminary Injunction on theirsalvage yard. Judge Matthew Katz signed the Order Friday.

The Order requires the owners of the Milton salvage yard to address a number of longstanding environmental concerns at their facility and submit to continued monitoring by state environmental officials.

In response to an enforcement action filed by the Attorney General in Chittenden Superior Court, Rhoades Salvage has agreed to address a number of environmental concerns at the facility, which has been operated as a salvage yard for many years. Agency of Natural Resource staff members from the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Enforcement Division have inspected the facility on multiple occasions and are working closely with the Attorney General s Office and Rhoades Salvage to ensure compliance at the facility.

Pursuant to the Order, the Rhoades will, among other things: 1. Hire an environmental consultant to submit a work plan within 45 days to conduct an environmental assessment of the soil and groundwater at the site and conduct testing of one or more private drinking water wells in the vicinity of the facility; 2. Prepare and submit a hazardous waste management plan to insure proper handling of all hazardous wastes on site to the Agency of Natural Resources within 120 days; 3. Apply for a Vermont State Junkyard license within 30 days of obtaining a Certificate of Junkyard Location Approval from the Town of Milton.

Removal of the tire stockpile is the subject of continued negotiations, and, if no resolution is reached within 60 days, a future hearing will be held on the matter. The 15 Shirley Avenue facility in Milton remains open for business and will be subject to periodic inspections by the Agency of Natural Resources to insure compliance with all environmental laws. The enforcement action is ongoing at the Chittenden Superior Court.

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