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Refunds Available to Eligible Moneygram Senders

CONTACT: Elliot Burg, Assistant Attorney General, (802) 828-5507

September 12, 2013

Vermont Attorney General William H. Sorrell is notifying the public that some local consumers may be entitled to a refund of money that they wire-transferred through MoneyGram International. Any Vermonter who thinks that he or she lost money as the result of a consumer scam, where the money was wired through MoneyGram to Canada or the United States during the period of January 2004 through August 2009, may be eligible for a refund (technically called a “remission”) of the principal amount of the transfer. In that case, the consumer should go online to for instructions on how to file a “petition for remission.” The deadline for applying is November 15, 2013. In November 2012, MoneyGram entered into a settlement with the United States Department of Justice under which the company agreed to forfeit $100 million because of its involvement in consumer fraud that caused tens of thousands of persons to lose money from “advance fee” schemes and similar scams. The Justice Department is now offering to return the forfeited funds to victims of the fraud.

The scams were committed by falsely promising consumers that they would receive large cash prizes, receive expensive items online at a deep discount, or get a job as a “secret shopper,” or by falsely posing on the phone as relative in urgent need of money. The perpetrator always required the consumer to wire money through MoneyGram.

Consumers who have already received, and returned, a letter from MoneyGram asking whether they agreed that a certain amount of money was their “fraud loss” need not file a petition for the return of the same amount.

For more information on this refund program, call the Vermont Attorney General’s office at (802) 828-5507.

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