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Skechers Settles Charges Of Deceptive Advertising For Shoe Marketing

CONTACT: Ryan G. Kriger, Assistant Attorney General, (802) 828-5507

May 16, 2012

Vermont will receive $70,000 as part of a coordinated settlement with Skechers, the maker of rocker-bottom athletic shoes, including Shape-Ups, Tone-Ups, and the Skechers Resistance Runner. The settlement will also pay up to $40 million nationally to refund consumers who purchased the shoes. The Federal Trade Commission coordinated the settlement, which was joined by the Attorneys General of 44 states and the District of Columbia, requiring Skechers to pay a total of $5 million to the states as a result of their deceptive advertising. Attorney General William H. Sorrell said today, “The health of Vermonters is of the utmost importance. If a company is going to sell a product that it claims has positive effects on consumers’ health, it must have the science to back up those claims.”

The lawsuit filed today by the Attorney General alleges that Skechers made health-related claims in the marketing, packaging, advertising, offering, and selling of its line of rocker-bottom shoe products that were not adequately substantiated at the time the claims were made. Skechers claimed that these rocker-bottom shoe products caused consumers to lose weight, burn calories, improve circulation, fight cellulite, and firm, tone or strengthen thigh, buttock, and back muscles.

Under the settlement, which is pending court approval, Skechers is prohibited from making these claims unless it has adequate substantiation to do so.

Consumers who purchased Shape-Ups, Tone-Ups, or the Skechers Resistance Runner should go to, or call 866-325-4186 for information about how to obtain a partial refund.

Consumers who have complaints about unsubstantiated health or advertising claims or any consumer matter should contact the Consumer Assistance Program at (800) 649-2424 or (802) 656-3183, or file a complaint on line.

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