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Trial and Investigative Unit

The Trial and Investigative Unit handles a wide variety of cases with focus on matters that are (1) statewide or multi-jurisdictional in nature, (2) require significant resources beyond those normally available at the county level, or (3) involve a conflict of interest for a State’s Attorney Office.

The Unit also serves as the primary prosecution agency for the Vermont Drug Task Force, which concentrates on large-scale drug investigations at the local, state and federal level. In addition to prosecuting drug related matters, the Unit priorities include homicides, child sexual assaults, computer related crimes, serious felonies involving the use of firearms, domestic violence, elder abuse and matters involving public misconduct or corruption. This unit also reviews all incidents involving the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers. In addition, the unit also provides significant support to other law enforcement agencies and prosecutorial agencies through training and general consultation.

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